Sunday, February 9, 2014

Senior Dating for Active People

Dating as a senior can be pretty depressing. There are a lot of preconceptions about what senior dating is, and this is not limited to youthful prejudice but coming from actual older people themselves! Well, let me tell you. I am a grandma, and my life didn't end when I passed 60. Au contraire, senior dating is a part of my life and now I have discovered there are other people my age who still want to have a fun and active social life(.. and dare I say it..? Sex life!) I couldn't be more fulfilled. I have more fun now, with senior dating, as I ever did dating as a youngster. It's all down to SeniorMatch , which is a website I joined last year after several bad senior dating experiences elsewhere. SeniorMatch is very different and made a huge difference in my life.. and gave me back love, hope and joy. Here is what happened for me:

The trick for me was finding a way to meet other people with the same attitude towards senior dating as I have. I am 62 years young, and nowhere near ready to stop enjoying life. I keep fit, and active and take good care of myself, and I expect this in senior dating partners. Of course, I like to connect deeply with a potential date, and have no time for the casual "love em and leave em" attitude I once had many years ago.. I have come to realize with time how very important a deep connection is.  Senior dating, for me, means dating with a maturity often not found in youth.. but still with a joy de vivre.. indeed, I feel more freedom now, as my children are grown and I have financial security :)

SeniorMatch made it easy for me.. it's senior dating that's every bit as involved as dating sites aimed at younger people. This site doesn't write us all off as "old and past it" and thus reminds us members that nor should we see ourselves that way! Honestly, after joining other sites that were dull as dishwater, I soon saw the difference. Men on SeniorMatch are very active and of a young mindset, and yet looking for companionship and commitment too. It's like fun and maturity combined! I guess that's the sort of attitude I want from senior dating.. guys who love the freedom their age has given them and who will appreciate a woman like me.

If anyone else is out there and apprehensive about senior dating as I was.. then please don't be afraid, only you can define yourself and really, don't let anyone else's fears weigh you down. Sure, senior dating has a scary image to those who haven't yet tried it, but if you create a strong image for yourself and be courteous yet firm in what you seek in a date, then you'll have no troubles.

From just this one site I have had several fantastic dates now and I am convinced it is because the detailed profiles helped me find guys who were right for me. The most important thing with senior dating is that we are still people, every bit as complex as youngsters, and age is really the least important thing to us. Remaining active and young minded matters hugely.

So, I'd say that my finding a good senior dating site, and taking care of myself mentally, physically and spiritually have been instrumental in my happy experiences of late. It's up to you, and only you, to create the experience you want, and senior dating is no exception.. if you don't like the perception of dating over 60, and you are over 60 then CHANGE IT :)